Happy Monday!

11 05 2009

It’s a dreary day here in The Natural State, and my 30-year-old body is feeling every one of its 30 years. (I’m not starting out very cheerful am I? Don’t worry I’ll get there!) Welcome to The Write Direction! A multi-author blog of a bunch of romance authors (yes, I said ROMANCE) who have banded together to keep each other company and, when necessary, kick each other’s butts when we stray “off path.”

 We’re still in the building and structuring phase around here, but I thought I’d stop in and make an intro post for the group. We’re kicking our first month of blogging off with some contests so check back throughout the month as our authors add on and see what new contests they’re bringing with them.

 Scarlett Childs is supposed to sign on later today (she’s one of those doesn’t-get-up-before-noon types) and sponsor a contest to give away a copy of her erotic romance novella His Final Seduction!  Romantic suspense authors Estelle Harte and Jordyn James have already joined the blog, and I think medieval romance author Hanna Rhys Barnes will join us too.

 Well, I gotta run. Dora is over, and if I don’t get another video on…*grin*




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