His Final Seduction Contest & Excerpt 1

11 05 2009

***Warning: the following excerpt contains explicit language that some may find offensive. Consider yourself warned!!!!***

Hey, all!

My first novella, His Final Seduction, is going to be released tomorrow (May 12th) from Samhain Publishing. To celebrate, I’m giving away an ADVANCE digital edition of this steamy read to one lucky reader tonight at 10:00 (central time). To enter, just comment on any of the excerpt snippets I’ll be posting throughout the day. It’s that simple!

My first review for HFS came over the weekend from Kristy Bock at ParaNormalRomance, and I was thrilled by her praise. “A hot island retreat!…The heat between [Sydney and Damien] is volcanic…The foreplay will blow any reader away…You can’t go wrong with His Final Seduction.” It’s always great when a first review is so glowing.

Anyway, I’ve blabbered on long enough. I’ll let you get to the sexy blurb reading!


Signed, sealed and seduced.

When an affair with her boss wrecked her legal career, Sydney James finally admitted her sex addiction and swore off men. After a year of self-imposed celibacy, her friends surprise her with a trip to a Caribbean resort. Only they fail to mention her destination is the infamous erotic getaway, Club Carnal.

She fully intends on fleeing temptation—until the club’s hotter-than-the-tropical-sun manager puts a kink in her plan. And her celibacy.

Moments from death, Damien Blake signed a contract with a succubus who promised to save his life…for a price. In exchange, he must use his newly granted sex-demon powers to seduce and steal energy from one hundred women. Now, ninety-nine women later—just one conquest away from freedom—he meets his final victim, the alluring, enigmatic Sydney James. Long-dormant emotions sizzle to life and ignite a fire in his blood unlike any he’s ever known.

But when a lethal clause in his contract is revealed, Damien is forced to make a deadly decision. Spend eternity in slavery…or kill the woman he loves.

Warning: If you like hot sex with even hotter partners, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Club Carnal, anything and everything goes…foreplay for dinner, hands-on body massages, toys that take on a completely new meaning, girl-on-girl action—and, if you’re not careful, you might run into a sex demon. Or two.


 (SETUP: Sydney and Damien are at The Rub Down and Damien is watching as THREE of his staff give Sydney a full-body massage! )

“Do I get some one-on-one massage time with you later?” She was amazed her voice sounded so…normal.

He scooted a bit closer to her. “Soon, novia.”

Her mind latched onto his final word…novia. He’d called her that a couple times. “Novia? What’s it mean?”

His answer was hesitant, and for a moment she thought he might not tell her. “It means sweetheart in my native language.”

“Which is…?”

“Spanish.” He gave her nipple another twisting squeeze. “I’m Cuban, but I’m fluent in three other languages as well…English, French, German. I find it comes in handy given the nature of my business.”

He continued his attention to her breast, slow, calculated nips that worked in harmony to the six hands making her pussy quiver. “Say something sexy to me in French.”

“Like what?”


His breath misted hot against her nipples, and his words, his cadence burrowed inside her body, setting off little explosions of sensation. “Tu es très sexy.”

“Mmm. What’s—what’s it mean?”

“You’re very sexy.”

He kissed a fiery trail along her collarbone, and she squirmed, so close to orgasm she could scream. And no one was even touching the parts of her body most desperate for release. “More…”

J’aime quand ton corps touché le mien.” He sucked her bottom lip between his teeth then worked his way to her ear. “I love it when your body touches mine. Je veux te baiser…”

She may not be fluent in French, but that vulgarity was familiar to her. She’d learned it at a club while she’d been vacationing in Paris: I want to fuck you.

She wanted to beg him to make good on his words, but massaging hands reached her inner thighs, the top niches of her pelvic area. She sucked in a harsh breath, not sure how much longer she would last before the need for release strangled her.

“Damien,” she moaned, reaching for him. His big hand closed around hers, and she held on for all she was worth. This ride was about to get bumpy.

“That’s right,” he crooned. “Give in to what you want, Syd, what your body needs.”

Her knees fell wide and she sucked her lip between her teeth as two sets of hands stalled along her inner thighs, one set on her mons.

“Our rules,” Mr. Playgirl said, “require us to obtain your permission before continuing with the massage. Would you like us to continue?”

“I’ll fucking kill you if you don’t!”

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17 responses

11 05 2009

This sounds really, really good. I’ll be lining up to click tomorrow 😉

12 05 2009

Hopefully, it’s a long line…and I mean that in the best way possible!

11 05 2009
Amy S.

Sounds good!

12 05 2009


11 05 2009

Hmmm, intriguing and sexy. Tres bon!

12 05 2009


11 05 2009
Nancy Gilliland

Great excerpt. Just what I needed to get through a boring day at work. Thanks, I can get back to the job now.

12 05 2009

Until now…there’s a new excerpt up! 🙂

11 05 2009

Oh my! Where can I get a massage like that?

12 05 2009

The only place I know of is inside my head, which is very said. 😦 It’s a NICE massage!

12 05 2009
Rhonda W

This sounds great and is on my TBB list for tomorrow (unless I win it today)! lol Congrats on the release.

12 05 2009

Thanks so much and good luck!

12 05 2009
Judy Cox

Boy! HOTTTT!!! This sounds like a great read.

12 05 2009

Yeah. Some of the scenes were really hard to edit…if you catch my drift. *whew*

12 05 2009

Sounds like a great book! I love Tuesdays and new releases. Congrats! 🙂

12 05 2009
Afshan N

How much for one of those messages??? Cuz I’d like to schedule mine ASAP!!

12 05 2009

The “French” costs extra!

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