His Final Seduction Excerpt 2

12 05 2009

***Content warning: Some may find language contained in the following excerpt offensive. You have been warned!***

(Setup: this is the scene shortly after Sydney figures out that the beautiful tropical resort her friends sent her to is really the infamous erotic resort Club Carnal. She immediately calls her best friend Genny and gives her an ear full…)

“You booked me at a sex club?”

Gripping the cell phone so hard she feared it might break, Sydney shook with rage. She’d never been so livid in her life. A sex club? What the hell were her friends thinking? She felt like a bitch who’d been shipped off to a breeding farm because she was in heat. Sure, she’d been in an anti-relationship funk the past year, but it was of her own choosing and was no one else’s damned business.

“It’ll be fun.” Genny’s gloating voice shrieked though the earpiece. “You know what they say…‘what happens in the Caribbean, stays in the Caribbean’.”

“This isn’t Vegas, Gen. It’s a sex club.”

“A world-famous sex club, I might add. You can’t imagine the kind of favors we had to pull just to get you a reservation.”

“Oh, good God!”

Sydney glared at the crushed box that had instigated this conversation. What she thought might be a battery-powered toothbrush turned out to be a vibrator—one of three in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Oh, but that wasn’t all. Personal lubricants. Lickable body oil. A Kama Sutra book. Self-help videos. Hell, there were even varying forms of physical restraints, and she hadn’t even finished reading the pamphlet of items for purchase or rent in the gift shop or the schedule of parties the club hosted daily. This was shaping up to be the week from hell.

Or maybe not, her body hummed. Either way, she was in some serious trouble here.

“There’s no way I can stay here, Gen.”

“Sure you can. You haven’t been out on a date since you moved back from LA. If you were a guy, I’d wonder if your dick hadn’t shriveled up and fallen off.”

“Damn it, Genny.” She shoved her hand through her hair. If she’d been within arm’s distance, she’d have strangled her long-time friend.

“Come on. When’s the last time you got laid?”

“That’s none of your business.”

Genny’s laugh sounded like something that belonged to a hyena. “Don’t remember, do ya?”

Sydney let out an exasperated breath. She remembered all too well when she’d last had sex—she just didn’t want to remember the office escapade that had ended her aspiring legal career. It was never a good idea to sleep with a married man, but it was doubly stupid when the cheating bastard and his ice-bitch-queen wife were both partners at the law firm where she worked… That spelled unemployment in all caps.

“I can’t believe you did this to me. Sending me here is like sending a recovering alcoholic to a party with an open bar.”

“Oh, stop being such a prude. It’s not like you’re going to fuck every man on the island…just a couple of them.”

“I’m not fucking anyone.” Sydney turned her back on the box of sexual goodies and walked onto the balcony to get some fresh air.

Didn’t her friends understand? Sex got her into trouble. Bad trouble. It always had. It was the reason she’d sworn off men. She needed to get a handle on her libido. Her sex drive couldn’t be the driving force in everything she did.



13 responses

12 05 2009
Rhonda W

Another great excerpt! This will be on my TBB list if I don’t win the contest.

12 05 2009


“Her sex drive couldn’t be the driving force in everything she did.”

And why ever not? But then, I write erotic romance too, so…

Very nice plot idea Scarlett.

12 05 2009

Yeah, she starts to see the error in this logic after spending some sweaty, naked time with the hero… 🙂

12 05 2009

This looks like quite a fun read! Good luck, Scarlett

12 05 2009

My Goodness -OR Badness as the case may by- You got one heck of a concept here! And it looks like a whole lotta dirty fun! Congrats Scarlett

12 05 2009

Dirty fun IS the best kind of fun!

12 05 2009
Afshan N

She is so lucky, I’d love it if my friends sent me to A Sex Resort 😉

12 05 2009

No doubt!

12 05 2009

OMG I have got to read this book! 🙂

12 05 2009

LOL, Sherry. I love your zest!

12 05 2009
Judy Cox

This is definitely sounding better and better!!! The more I read the more I want.

12 05 2009

🙂 I felt the same way about Damien. I didn’t like sharing him with Sydney!

12 05 2009
Nancy Gilliland

I’m getting ready to curl up in bed and read for an hour before I go to sleep, but I wish I had this to curl up with instead. Its sounding better with each excerpt.

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