His Final Seduction Excerpt 3

12 05 2009

Only one more excerpt to go!  *frown*  I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but you can comment on each of the excerpts and you can be entered in the drawing up to 4 times! The last excerpt will be posted around 7ish (central). I have kids, so I’m at their mercy.  


 (Setup: Sydney’s been lying on the beach and wondering, despite all she and Damien shared last night, why hadn’t he kissed her? She decides to go see him, but on her way to his office, she is “drawn” to a run-down hut on the beach. Inside, she finds an old man who offers to read her fortune using an African tribal method of diving…)

“Impulsiveness is not one of my good qualities.” [Sydney said]

“Not entirely true. It helps you in court, to react instead of ignoring what you perceive as truth or lie. It makes you more adept at overcoming the ordeals life throws in your path.”

“I guess.” Sydney shrugged, not seeing it the same way.

“But your confidence has been floundering lately. Something happened that made you question yourself and impose—” his head cocked to the side as he examined the circle, “—certain personal restrictions to punish yourself, but you didn’t plan on coming here to break those restrictions, did you?”

Was he referring to her self-imposed celibacy? No one besides Genny and their small group of friends—and now Damien—even knew about her decision.

Being reminded of her failings wasn’t the reason she’d stepped through the man’s doorway, so she tried to steer the conversation into another direction. “What do you see in my future? Riches? Marriage? Babies? What?”

“Your future is shifting.” He pointed to a piece of bone precariously rocking back and forth on top of a rock. “Death…looms near, but I can’t see if its cold embrace comes for you or someone very near you.”

Her hands flew to her heart. “Genny?”

“No.” He tapped the ground beside the teetering piece of bone. “Closer. Someone on the island, maybe. Someone who has begun to wiggle into your heart.” His piercing eyes met hers. “Someone who cares for you more than he wants to admit.”



The man shrugged. “All will make itself known in due course, and a choice will have to be made.” He paused. “The choice will cost one of you your life.”

“One of our lives?” Sydney gasped, getting to her feet. “What are you talking about? What kind of choice?”

“I do not know, Ms. James.” He started picking up the objects inside the circle. “I only see what the spirits allow me to see.”

“No. I don’t accept that answer.” She grabbed his forearm. “You can’t tell me that I might die then make some ambiguous statement about choices and then just stop. Look again…something.”

“I’m sorry.” He freed his arm, picked up the last of the debris, then stood. “The spirits have left.”


“I have nothing more for you. Go enjoy the remainder of your time here.”

“Enjoy myself?” She forced out a harsh laugh. “How am I supposed to do that when you just told me I might die?”



9 responses

12 05 2009

Each excerpt seems to suck me in more Scarlett! This is definitely going on my list for tomorrow. 🙂

12 05 2009

I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Sherry! I’ll be posting the beginning of my FAVE scene in the book next. It sets the scene for Damien’s “transformation.”

12 05 2009

Well that was rather rude of him lol

12 05 2009

LMAO. Men… 🙂

12 05 2009
Judy Cox

This is a positive for TBR list!! Heading for excerpt 4.

12 05 2009
Nancy Gilliland

Friday’s payday, and I know what’s in my book list to pick up. Y’all are trying to break my bank with this.

12 05 2009

Banks are somehow other than broke? That’s a new one to me. 🙂

12 05 2009
Afshan N

And The Plot Thickens!!!! I wonder what choice she’ll make…

12 05 2009

Or what choice “the other person” will make?

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