His Final Seduction Excerpt 4

12 05 2009

***The same content warning goes for this section. Some may find language contained in the following excerpt offensive. You have been warned!***

So much for 7, huh? Did I mention I had kids? Actually, the kids can’t be blamed for this. I had 8 o’clock in my mind, lol. 

Remember, the deadline for posting comments is 10 p.m. Central Time. The winner will be posted at approximately 10:15.  Please check back then. I’ll need to know what email address to send your eBook to!

Anyway, this scene, IMHO, is worth the wait. It’s my absolute favorite scene in the entire book. This is where our hero and heroine “meet” for the first time. They had a “moment” in the lobby earlier, but it was an across-the-room kind of thing. This is where she’s hit with the full force of his incubus powers. (remember the blurb and the contract he signed?) Although it isn’t shown in this excerpt, this sets the scene for Damien’s transformation during the story. It’s the moment that changes everything for our sexy hero…


 The man she’d seen earlier—the one who’d set off a slideshow of X-rated pictures in her mind—relaxed against the doorframe, one foot crossed over the other. He was gripping a laptop-sized box. White linen pants encased his legs and tanned skin peeked through his unbuttoned shirt, revealing a chiseled chest and a sprinkling of dark hair. A restraint tied wet, jet-black locks at the nape of his neck, and a smile hot enough to heat the entire southern hemisphere decorated his face.

Sydney leaned against the door to alleviate some of the pressure from her suddenly shaking knees. “M-may I help y-you?”

“I sure hope so.” He thrust the box toward her. “My name is Damien Blake. I’m the owner of Club Carnal.”


And just like it had happened in the lobby, a wave of lust annihilated her senses. Her grip on the door tightened and her legs started to buckle. It took every ounce of willpower she possessed to resist the impulse to rip off his linen pants, throw him down in the middle of the hallway and ride his cock until she screamed.

Whoa. She shook her head, sucked in a deep breath. Where the hell did that thought come from?

“W-what’s that?” She pointed to the box he held toward her and, unable to control her shaking hands, grabbed the container and quickly pulled it to her chest.

His smile grew. So did the fire nipping at her clit. “A gift.”

God, even his deep voice seduced her sanity into relaxing its rigid control and, as his gaze skimmed over her body, an elixir of heat under her flesh erupted into a boiling frenzy.

“Mind if I come in?”

“N-no,” she lied, taking an unsteady step to the side.

As he walked past, his shoulder brushed hers. A potent cocktail of sun and sex teased her nose, and she shook her head, tried to beat back the sudden rush of hormones his accidental touch unleashed.

“I hope your accommodations are to your liking, Ms. James.”

“They’re perfect.” She turned as slowly as possible, needing the time to soothe her frenzied wits. “Is there something wrong, Mr. Blake?”

“Wrong?” His face split into another dazzling smile. “No, nothing’s wrong. And please, call me Damien.”

“Okay.” She crossed her arms and clutched the box against her breasts. Was it the Caribbean heat or something more potent stirring her senses to new heights? Never before had a man’s simple presence caused such a fierce reaction in her body. “Is there something I can help you with then?”

“As a matter of fact, there is.”

He planted his hands on his waist and the edges of his unbuttoned shirt split apart, revealing even more tanned, toned skin. Like a toddler ogling a cookie jar, her gaze caressed every muscular rise and fall. The thought of tracing each of those defined lines with her tongue scattered gasoline on the simmering fire in her loins.

“I was hoping you’d join me for dinner, Ms. James.”

Her brow shot up. A strange, gorgeous man—the owner of an entire island—wanted to take her to dinner? Seems more than people’s clothes were off down here.

“The chefs have a wonderful lineup this evening,” he tempted her further.

“Dinner? Me?”

“Yes.” His laughter fanned the flames of lust. “What do you say?

“I, uh…”

She scrubbed a palm over the side of her neck. How was she supposed to think about anything when her clit burned with the intensity of an out-of-control wildfire?

Shit, none of her reactions made sense. Before, she’d never accept gifts or agree to dinner with someone she’d met less than five minutes earlier, but as carnal thoughts tripped up the logic centers of her brain, the words just came out.

“Sure. I guess.”

“Wonderful.” He pointed to the package clutched to her chest. “While there’s no dress code per se, I took the liberty of bringing you a little something for the occasion.”

“You brought me…clothes?” Confusion wrinkled her brow and she looked at the box. He didn’t even know her, and he was bringing her gifts? Something wasn’t just off, it was alternate-universe off.

“Yes.” He lifted his right hand and stroked his middle finger down the side of her neck. Her eyes drifted shut. “It’s just something to accentuate the beauty of your body.” His other hand settled on her waist, drew her closer. “The contours of your curves. The brilliance of your breasts.”

On the verge of going supernova from his boldness, Sydney went limp and the box fell to the tiled floor. The only thing keeping her from joining it were the masculine arms that banded her.

“I’ve got you, Sydney.”

He sure did.

Rational thought dissolved. Her hands inched up his muscular forearms. The heat of his skin kick-started a chain reaction of lust cascading through her blood, boiling the fluid with fantasies and desires long denied.

“Who are you?” she whispered, losing herself in the sensual fantasy he spun with a single touch.

“Whoever you want me to be…”

He slipped the strap of her tank from her left shoulder and tugged the thin cotton until he exposed her breast to his hungry gaze. A thick spell of erotic mojo dampened reality, and the thought to stop him, to demand an explanation, never occurred to her.

He lowered his head and his tongue found the rigid peak of her nipple. Mindless to anything but physical gratification, she gripped him with tense expectation, completely absorbed by his sudden seduction.



6 responses

12 05 2009

Hmmm, now the plot thickens. Along with other things…

Good luck with your release day tomorrow. Hope it’s a blast!

12 05 2009

“Thickening” is always good in an erotic romance…:)

12 05 2009
Judy Cox

This is coming along just fine. Things are heating up too! I am sure the release tomorrow will be huge. Congrats and good luck:)

12 05 2009
Afshan N

Man I need to go to this place!!! Sydney is sooooo lucky!!

12 05 2009

Or just have Damien meet me somewhere…

12 05 2009
Nancy Gilliland

Oaky, good luck with tomorrow’s release. On the strength of these excerpts, you don’t need it though. These are great, and Friday can’t come soon enough for me.

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