Mid-Summer Magic

15 06 2009

Sun1Next Sunday is the Summer Solstice, or as many of us celebrate it, Mid-summer’s Night. This magical night has played a part in literature from ancient times through today. It is a night supposedly filled with magic, sensual pleasures, and love.

 Mid-summer has become part of our traditions in many ways. Weddings have been traditionally held in June. Not only is it finally warm enough to take a bath in most northern climes (wouldn’t want the bride to run from the smell. Lol.), but June marriages were thought to be specially blessed by the fairies. The full moon in June is called the Honey Moon. Tradition holds that this is the best time to harvest honey from the hives (and from your sweetie too). 

Titania1Shakespeare found the idea of the magic of midsummer entertaining enough to write a play about it. Mistaken identity, magical transformations, and all the faces of love abound in this raucous romp. Though his Queen Titania rains chaos on humans throughout the night, in the end, love wins out with her blessings.

 grill1Summer is Party season, and who doesn’t love a party. Mid-summer is when festivals and celebrations reach a peak. Even today, in European countries, festivals abound from now through to the harvest season. In America, a plethora of fairs, city, county and state, can be found. And let’s not forget our national celebration, the Fourth of July. 

Elf CoverSo this week, in honor of summer fun, I’m adding one of my favorite midsummer themed books to the bag, Cheryl Sterling’s, What Do You Say To A Naked Elf?

Plain Jane Drysdale supplements her boring day job by selling sex paraphernalia at house parties. One night as she is speeding home, she tries to avoid running over a rabbit and crashes her car. She awakens to find she has gone through a portal into another world.  She’s accused of murdering Tivat, a shape-shifter who happened to be the rabbit she ran over. Her lawyer, Charlie is half elf, half fairy, and way too cute. How does Jane adapt to her unusual situation? Find out in this fun adventure through a fairy tale that’s all too real.

Keep checking back to find out what’s been added to the Summer Fun Tote. Every time you leave a comment you increase your chances of winning. We’ll draw a winner at the end of June.

WidowsPeak_w1019_680Hanna Rhys Barnes is one of those people with an evenly balanced right and left brain.  She has a BA in English, but recently finished her final year as a high school math teacher.  She loves to cook and was a pastry chef in a former life.

 A member of RWA’s national organization and of several local chapters, she currently lives and works in Portland, OR, but occasionally visits her retirement ranchette outside of Kingman, AZ

 Hanna’s Debut Novel, Widow’s Peak, is due to be released September 23, 2009 from The Wild Rose Press. She is currently working on Book 2 in the series, Kissed By A Rose.



4 responses

16 06 2009
Sandra Jones

Great post. It makes me think about my June wedding. The day was so hot–too hot for my flowing wedding gown–and it only got worse. Our limo’s air conditioner went out! I wilted. But we got into the “mid-summer” spirit anyway. Our wedding song was the magical, hippie-esque “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin (I’m still not sure what we were thinking on that one!) and for our honeymoon we went camping in quirky Eureka Springs, AR. It made enough eclectic memories for a lifetime.

26 06 2009
Chris J.

Summer is a funtime, the kids are out of school, lots of things to do. 🙂
BBQing is the best, I mean hello here in TX that’s whats for dinner and beef! 🙂
Absolutely love your choice of books, I used to have it and lent it to a friend…yeah never got it back!
Nice summer blog, Thanks!

26 06 2009
Afshan N

This time of year is the best!! It’s just getting hot, time for pool/beach days,and family BBQ’s, Hot enough to spend a fun day at a water park.
Summer Here I Come!!!

26 06 2009

What a great post. June is definitely a great month. It has been especially good to my sister and her husband. They got married on June 30th and both of their children were born in June. In fact, their son’s birthday is the day before the summer solstice. The book sounds like a lot of fun.

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