Sun Worship

22 06 2009

The Coppertone Kids Grow Up


Yesterday, June 21, was celebrated around the world as the Longest Day of the Year, or summer solstice. Since the beginning of recorded human history, people have worshipped the sun on this day. Modern-day Druids still trek to Stonehenge in England to welcome the sun in a festival. The Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Celts were just a few of the cultures who revered the sun, creating myths about solar deities. Gods and goddesses became the central characters in stories explaining the natural phenomena of the season. These deities were idolized in statues and paintings.


If you’re not visiting Stonehenge or you aren’t a practicing Druid, chances are you probably worship the sun anyway. Like cultures of ancient times, today’s families gather during the summer for an event known as the family reunion, grilling food outdoors and sharing memories while the daylight stretches late into the evening. Hey, the energy you’re saving is helping the environment! We still celebrate the sun today through idol worship. We gather together on the shores of lakes and beaches, stretched long across beach towels in supplication to the almighty orb in the sky. And the deities? Just think about the last time you gave that tan guy at the beach a second look. Or maybe you paid for a month of tanning bed visits. Afraid of getting skin cancer? I doubt I’m the only girl who doesn’t care if I look like an Oompa Lompa–I’m slathering on the self-tanner when I go to the beach to sun worship next month. With my latest tattoo and snow-white stomach I’m looking a little too much like Amy Winehouse right now. I know I’ll feel more like a sun goddess when I have nice mocha-colored skin. And ya never know, a sun god might give me a second look when I’m sunkissed.

Sun God

Sun God

The traditional flower for the month of June is the rose. In honor of this most lovely of flowers, I’m adding the book Night’s Rose to the beach bag.  The fabulous fairy tale retelling is just perfect for time spent poolside, at the beach, or even in the lawn chair.  Everytime you comment this month, you get a chance to win our goody bag full of summertime treats. Enjoy!

Nights Rose

Night's Rose

Sandra Jones is the author of Wish for the Moon, a time travel romance set in medieval Wales coming this September from The Wild Rose Press.



8 responses

26 06 2009
Chris J.

I love the tat and the cover of Night’s Rose!
I would love to go to Stonehenge one day! Ireland and Scotland is my dream get away!
Enjoyed the blog! Thanks!

26 06 2009

Thanks, Chris. I like that tattoo, too, and I wish it was mine! Mine is Celtic, as well. Guess you can tell I love all things ancient Britain! Maybe we’ll both get to see that part of the world some day. Dream big!


26 06 2009
Afshan N

Cool Tattoo!! I have one on the same place, mines a heats with smoke.
Good Luck Out There In The Sun.
I never realized how far back this day’s been celebrated. Thanks For The Info.

26 06 2009

Thank you, Afshan. I think it’s interesting how different cultures give their sun deities different genders. I always think of the sun as a male and the moon as female. I don’t know why. All my stories so far have “moon” in the title, by the way!

26 06 2009

Nice tattoo.

While I enjoy the sun and being outdoors, I try and avoid direct sun contact. My skin burns too easily and then goes right back to white after the red, blistered skin peels away. So, I use sunblock any time I go outside and just enjoy my very white skin. Besides, it makes everyone else around me feel good because they always look tan in comparison. lol

29 06 2009
Sandra Jones

My husband’s Scottish ancestry seems to cause him to turn various shades of red from the sun. Consequently he hates sun exposure, which is odd given the fact he just got a Celtic sun tattoo on his shoulder!?! It’s like he’s wearing the image of his nemesis. LOL

I bet your pale skin looks lovely, Karin. Think of Nicole Kidman and wear a big smile!

27 06 2009

I’m a bit torn between getting a tan and worrying about skin cancer. A tan seems to make you look thinner or at least I think so. lol

I’m a big fan of medieval stories and have this book on my wish list.

29 06 2009
Sandra Jones

Thanks, Kammie. Maybe you should join the Oompa Loompa movement like me. LOL There’s always room for more!

And thanks for adding Wish for the Moon to your wish list! If you love knights, chivalry, or romantic legends, this story should have something for you!

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