Warning: Hot Summer Nights Ahead—at Least They Could Be!

25 06 2009

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. ~~Bern Williams

As children, we lived for summer. No school. No homework. No worries. Two-plus months of pure, unadulterated fun. Then, we entered adulthood. With every wading step through the Workplace Swamp, our zest for summer dwindled and became a drain on our already depleted energy reserves. Isn’t it time we take back the summer season for ourselves–and for that special someone in our lives?  

Summer’s the perfect time to take advantage of the season’s long days and warm nights. They’re the perfect time for rekindling a relationship that got a little cold over the long winter months or connecting with that person you’ve had your eyes on for quite some time. And here’s a few activities to get you started:

  1.   Walk along the beach or on a hiking trail and enjoy the sunset.
  2.   Rent a convertible and go on a scenic drive.
  3.   Go on a moonlight picnic (but don’t forget the bug spray!).
  4.   Share an ice cream sundae in bed–or anywhere else you can eat it naked.
  5.   Dance under the stars to your partner’s favorite songs.
  6.   Go on a naked campout!
  7.   Plant a tree or rose bush together to serve as a visual reminder of the love you share.
  8.   Rent a movie, turn down the lights, and then don’t watch the movie!
  9.   Send your special someone an evite/invite for a midnight rendezvous.
  10.   Go for a boat ride.
  11.   Buy a smoothie maker and make daiquiris.
  12.   During a sudden summer rainshower, drag that special someone outside and dance in the rain—or just turn on the sprinklers!
  13.   Take your partner shopping and model “night clothes” for them.
  14.   Making a kissing date—just sit on the patio or some place secluded and neck like you were sixteen!
  15.   Ready your partner a sexy bedtime story.
  16.   Cook a romantic dinner…together.
  17.   Cut up a bowl of summer fruit, add a dollop or two of whipped cream, and then feed each other in bed.
  18.   Pick flowers together.
  19.   Write “sex horoscopes” for each other and then make them come true!
  20.   Leave/send your partner a sexy I.O.U.

 To go along with my post, I’m adding a “Love Coupons” booklet to our Summer Fun Contest. Enjoy!

Love Coupons

Remember, you can enter by commenting on EACH of our June blog posts! Good luck!

Scarlett Childs currently resides in The Natural State. Both a writer and reader of paranormal romance, she recently decided to indulged in her ‘forbidden’ love of erotica. Her first novella, His Final Seduction is available now from Samhain Publishing. You can visit her at www.scarlettchilds.com.



13 responses

25 06 2009
Tanya Eby

I’m going to do #2, #8, and #15. Er…maybe that’s too much information? Love this and love your blog. Glad to have found you.

26 06 2009

It’s even more fun when you can try and get the list to start cascading. 9 leads to 5 which unexpectedly ends up becoming a quasi version of 12 (oops!) which becomes a quasi version of 14 when you finally run for cover…and well, you get the steamy picture! 🙂

25 06 2009
Val Pearson

I so love the ideas. I am going to make it a point to try to do all of them! Thanks for posting it!

26 06 2009

16 is my personal favorite. It can open the door to so many of the others–and then some!

25 06 2009
Nancy Gilliland

Great list; maybe I’ll look into working my way through all of them (or not)

26 06 2009

Oh, come on, Nancy…you can make it through them all. You know you secretly want to, lol. 🙂 I can just picture the look on your partner’s face when you say y’all are going on a campout but not to bring any clothes along!

26 06 2009
Chris J.

Hi there! I just found your blog through the Samhain group and love the first blog I have read here. Some interesting ideas and going to try a few. 🙂
Have a Great Friday!

26 06 2009

Thanks, Chris! It was fun to dream up, lol. I hope you’ll keep stopping by. We have regular contests, although they won’t all be this big. 🙂

26 06 2009
Afshan N

Thanks For The Great Ideas!!! Such Simple things a person can do and enjoy so much , it’s amazing.
I hope you take your own advise and enjoy some of them yourself.
Happy Summer Everyone!

26 06 2009

Oh, I plan to! 🙂

26 06 2009

What a great list of suggestions on how to enjoy summer. While it isn’t my favorite season (winter holds that honor), I do love summer. My favorite way of enjoying it is taking a drive into the mountains (only 20 minutes away) and just basking in their beauty.

26 06 2009

I have to admit, summer isn’t my favorite season either…mine’s fall. I love the changing of the leaves! And, oh, autumn’s just beautfil here in Arkansas. The Ozark Mountains are just breathtaking…

27 06 2009

Lots of great ideas. I have a beach within walking distance from where I live and my husband and I take walks there. It’s so nice on a warm night with the breeze coming off the water. We also like to go bike riding around the neighborhood.

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