We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

1 07 2009

Okay, maybe not so much technical difficulties as lack of communication. We discussed HOW we would choose the winner but we never actually discussed WHO would choose the winner. Oops! So here’s what we are going to do…

Jordyn will do a final “June” post tomorrow (she so kindly volunteered since she forgot to post Monday—shame on you, Jordyn, lol), and then, at midnight central time, the contest will officially be over. The winner will then be announced sometime Friday afternoon and the prizes mailed out that weekend (or whenever the winner gets us his/her address). Sorry for the delay! Oh, and since I never got a chance to blog this month, I never got a chance to post the prizes I put into the prize basket…

Summer Fun Prize

My first addition is this beautiful necklace. It’s a great addition for that beach outfit, but it’s lousy in a game of tug-o-war between your kids. (And yes, I know this from experience! Grr…)

The second is a colorful, beaded bookmark. I took a pic of this, but because of the plastic wrapping, it didn’t turn out very good. All you really see is the camara’s flash. In the center off the bookmark, there’s a “shoe charm” dangling off. It’ll add beauty and class to your reading experience, lol.

I’m sure you all know our contest rules by now, but if you’re new to The Write Direction, here they are again: you can enter our Summer Fun Contest by commenting on EACH of our June posts. Yes, that’s right.

Good luck!


I found my love of writing later in life, after the tedium of my day job finally took its toll. Eight hours a day, alone in a tiny room with only the voices in my head for company, my mind journeyed to other places, spinning tales of love and happily-ever-after.

One day, I decided to put those stories to paper—well at least on the computer—and never looked back. Now, two children later, life isn’t nearly as mind-numbing as it was then, but somehow, I manage to find the time to write heart-warming stories somewhere between diaper changes, hissy fits, and skinned knees.

Please visit me at www.staciculver.com to learn more about me and to get a sneak peak at my upcoming release, J.D.’s Christmas Wish.



One response

2 07 2009
Afshan N

OHH I love the necklace!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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