When I Fell in Love…

28 07 2009

011213_1221_0017_lsls_thumbI’m one of those writers (probably the only one who can say this actually) who didn’t always like to read. I know, I know…you can start breathing again. Actually, I didn’t truly discover my love of reading until I met the man I love. (And yes, I grant you permission to roll your eyes and say, “How cheesy!”) In fact, I used to tease my now hubby for reading so much. Then one day, he got me back. He gave me a book I couldn’t put down…

It was book one in the Left Behind series. From then it was the Harry Potter Series and so many other books that I can’t remember them all. I read across all genres, trying to find my true reading passion…until one day, I stumbled across an innocent-looking book that changed how I will forever read one author. The book was Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks, and I was six months pregnant…

Now, I’m sure anyone who has read the book probably knows where this post is headed right now, and for anyone who doesn’t…*MASSIVE SPOILER WARNINGS AHEAD*…

My sister gave me the book and just raved about how wonderful this “romance author” was and what a wonderful story this was. Now, in her defense, I did enjoy the book…UNTIL THE HERO DIED! I was devastated. It might as well have been my husband that died for all the distinction my emotions seemed to take.

For 40 minutes after I finished reading I was still WEEPING. For the next 2 weeks, every time I thought about the book, I cried. It was TERRIBLE! I was even mad at my husband for days because he let me read the darned thing in the first place! He knew how it ended! He’d seen the movie. (Don’t ask why HE’D seen the movie because I don’t know, lol.) To this day, when I pick up a new Nicholas Sparks book, I have to read the end, just to see if anyone died so I can prepare myself, lol.

Now you know my crazy story, what about you? Got any crazy stories involving books? You know we want to know! 🙂 Even more, you know you want to share…




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