Widow’s Peak Contest Winners!

24 09 2009

Hi all, and thanks to everybody for entering.

The winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Certificate is Kammie

The winner of the Autographed Copy of Widow’s Peak is Abigail Maupin

The winner of the Welsh Pewter Necklace is HODGEPODGESPV

Contact me at hanna@hannarhys.com with your Mailing Address and I’ll get your prizes on the way to you.

I’ll keep all your comments in mind as I’m creating the next two heroes in the series. Here’s a peek at Jamie Barnard, Lady Amye’s son and the hero from Book 2, Kissed By A Rose:

Castle Cilgerran loomed underneath the dull gray of an overcast sky. Sir James Barnard reined his horse to a stop and glanced up at the square stone tower standing atop the hill. At last, he neared his mother’s new home. But it would never be his home. The realization took hold like a knife drawn across his chest.

Anger overpowered his exhaustion. The bitter battle with his brother, John, flooded his thoughts and the muscles tightened at the back of his neck. Was it a bit much to call him a covetous, spurious ass?

Abelard pawed the ground and he released the tense grip his thighs held on the horse’s ribs.

“Sorry boy.” He reached forward and patted the silver dappled neck.

Like armor grown too small, a heaviness pressed against him. A deep sigh did nothing to ease the tightness. No reason to put off the inevitable. “Go on, then.”

The horse broke into a comfortable canter.

With Mother remarried, John now held the title of Lord of the estate. He could do what the hell he pleased. Nothing Jamie could do would stop the self-interested fool from destroying the domain their parents had spent a lifetime building. But who was more the fool—John for wasting the fortune, or himself for giving his brother a reason to ban him from the only home he had ever known, Edensmouth.

Rain plinked on his breastplate, and he looked up at the clouds gathered overhead. What had driven his mother to move to this god-forgotten place? What had driven her to marry—a troubadour?

His mood matched the darkening sky, but a laugh escaped his lips. “‘Tis not as if anyone could have stopped her, Abelard. Amye Barnard does what she pleases.” Anxiety twisted his heart into a knot and pulled the ends tight. Had he known of her plan to re-marry, taken the time to come home, there might have been a way to stop her.

A figure burst through the tall pines lining the road. A short tunic covered oddly shaped breeches, but the thick braid, falling nearly to the waist was that of a woman. She watched behind her as if being chased.

A gentle press of his thighs signaled Abelard to stop and he stood in the stirrups. His eyes narrowed as he scanned the thick woods, but could see no one in pursuit.

She ran into Abelard’s flank with a loud thunk and fell to the ground.

The huge destrier considered them under assault. He reared up to trample the attacker.

Jamie nearly tumbled off, but he threw his weight forward and loosed a sharp whistle.

The well-trained animal wheeled away, missing the stunned woman by no more than a blade’s width.

Heart pounding, he slid from the horse’s back. “Are you injured?” he asked, using one of the few phrases of Welsh he knew.

She sat up. Strands of reddish brown hair escaped from her braid and swirled around her face as she shook her head. The strange pants were merely the back of her kirtle pulled forward and tucked into her belt. Dark smears of dirt on her face matched those on the tan tunic, but a beautiful woman hid beneath the wild forest creature.

“Let me help you.” He smiled and extended his hand, but as he stepped forward, she sprang to her feet and backed away.

Her wrinkled forehead reminded him of a terrified rabbit, trapped in the open, with no place to hide, but it made her face seem somehow…familiar. Then without uttering a sound, she turned.

“Stop!” he drew his short arming sword, but his warning came too late.

She ran headlong into two large men.

Look for Kissed By A Rose in 2010.



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25 09 2009

Congrats on Release Day! Sorry I didn’t stop by sooner–life and kids.

This passage is terrific. Very powerful work. Here’s to Jamie and his story. Our waif needs a hero.

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