Another Month, Another Contest…

1 10 2009

Another month has come to a close. October’s chilling fall winds are just around the corner, and we know what that means. Time to break out the windbreakers as we prepare to attend those fall festivals, fairs, hay rides, and let’s not forget one of my personal chocolate-overdosing activities, trick-or-treating.

Halloween, All Hollow’s Eve, Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day, All Saints Day…. Whatever you personally call it, it’s a holiday celebrated by many countries around the world, by different cultures, in different ways, and for slightly different reasons. Throughout the month, we’ll be discussing some of these traditions and their origins, starting with Hanna’s post next Monday on Samhain—not the publisher!—because our October theme is everything Halloween. Nothing is off limits this month! (Okay, maybe not nothing, lol.)


My daughter's (Autumn) 2nd Halloween. She was a "bundle" bee.

Not only will we be sharing a little bit about the origins of the holiday, we want to know what Halloween means to YOU and your family. What traditions do you have? Favorite memories? Costumes you or your kids wore? We’d love to know! As always, we’ve got great prizes to give away this month, including a copy of Hanna’s newly released book and an indulgent chocolate gift basket! Check back soon for more details and more prizes!

In the meantime, start posting those Halloween stories. To get us started, here’s a couple interesting Halloween traditions from around the world! (Courteously of

Germany: people hid their knives because they didn’t want to harm the returning spirits.

Ireland: Children like to play lots of tricks on their neighbors, one of which is called “knock-a-dolly.” Children knock on neighbor’s doors then haul ass.

Sweden: the Friday prior to All Saints Day is a shortened work day and kids get a school-free day! (Wouldn’t we all love that.)

Your turn…




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