Halloween Costumes Gone Amok!

17 10 2009

I just love Halloween. Don’t you? Come on…what other time of year can you pretend to be someone else and not have people stare at you like you just escaped from the nearest sanitarium? Wait…did I just reveal something I shouldn’t have about myself? 🙂  Yes, I’m 30, and I still love dressing up! It’s even more fun for me now because I get to dress up my kids, too. This year, the kiddos are going as animals. My youngest daughter’s going as a spider (an absolutely CUTE spider, btw) and my oldest girl is going as a pink flamingo. They’re going to fit right in at ‘Boo at the Zoo’! I can’t wait, but I still haven’t figured out what my hubby and I are going to go as…

I’ve scoured the internet for ideas (instead of writing, shh!), and let me tell you, I’ve found some…doozies. so, in the spirit of the season, I thought I’d share my top five “favorites” with you guys…

trouser snake charmer

trouser snake charmer

twister costume

twister costume

hammered costume

hammered costume

plug & socket couple

plug & socket couple

Wet T-Shirt Winner

Wet T-Shirt Winner-the obviously fake boobs just crack me up!

Hmm…does anyone else notice a theme here…? Most of these are sexual in nature. Wonder what that says about me? Better yet…I probably shouldn’t ponder that question, should I, LOL? 🙂

Anyway, don’t forget to comment on any of our October posts to be entered in October’s contests! Good luck & Happy Halloween!

Jordyn James



7 responses

18 10 2009

Ahahaha! Those are really funny costumes! I love the last one too 😛

27 10 2009
Judy Cox

I don’t know how some people come up with some of these costumes. I guess my imagination is not far enough out there:) I love the wet t-shirt costume also. It is rather real looking.

27 10 2009
Mary McCall

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but the worst -absolute most disgusting- costume and a guy at a party dressed in white from the waist down. He wore a red shirt and had painted his head and hair red, A string came off the costume somewherem but I can’t remember exactly… Of course thouse were college day and only a medical student would be crass enough to come as a used tampon.

28 10 2009

OMG! That’s about as bad as a guy wearing just a pair of pants to a party and saying he’s a “premature ejaculation” because he just…(wait for it)…came in his pants! Men. Geez. 🙂

28 10 2009
charlene c

love the costumes.they’re all good ,but the wet tee shirt costume is hilarious.I don’t know if i’d have the nerve to wear it.

28 10 2009

Yeah, me either, charlene!

31 10 2009
Roberta Harwell

I love the plug and socket costumes as well as twister. Have a great day.

house_mouse88 at yahoo dot com

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