Hanna Rhys Barnes

I’m one of those people with an evenly balanced right and left brain. I have a BA in English, but I recently finished my final year as a high school math teacher. Yes, I said math teacher. I love to cook, both gourmet and clean, and was a pastry chef in a former life.

I am a practicing Wiccan with a smidge of Buddhist tossed in.  I practice and teach Yoga.

I love everything Japanese and hope to take an extended trip there in the next few years.  My house is done in Japanese style and every year along with the Forth of July, I celebrate the Japanese summer festival.

I am also an avid Renaissance Faire player and belong to a guild.  I started writing fiction because of adventures that occurred at Renn Faire.

I currently live and work in Portland, OR and occasionally visit my  retirement ranchette (15 acres) outside of Kingman, AZ (about two hours south of Las Vegas).

To learn more about me, please visit me at my website www.hannarhys.com or my officialblog Never Too Late For Love

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