Contest Extended!

3 11 2009

Good news, everyone!

I’m extending the deadline to enter to win a copy of J.D.’s Christmas Wish. My computer crashed today, so I have no way to send the winner the promised “release-day” copy. (I’m on a borrowed computer now.) I’m soooo sorry! So what I’m going to do is extend the contest deadline to Monday, Nov. 9, at midnight. HOPEFULLY, I’ll have my computer back by then!  *crosses fingers* You can either enter a comment on this post or the “Keeping it Together” post.

Good Luck & Happy Reading!

~Staci Culver

jdschristmaswish_w3033_200x300JD’S Christmas Wish
Staci Culver
Last Rose of Summer Miniature Rose
Release Date: 11-4-2009

JD McAaden is scared. His parents fight all the time. As JD writes his letter to Santa, he realizes that he’ll give up everything if only his family can be saved. With the heart-rending innocence of a child, JD pins his faith on elves and the spirit of Christmas.

A mysterious invitation to visit North Pole Village for the holidays is all that is keeping Faith and Taylor McAaden’s marriage together. Faith has promised to give her son one last special outing before she sues for divorce. But in the magic atmosphere of hope, Faith and Taylor learn that love lurks even in the darkest hours and that with JD’s Christmas Wish their family can be made whole again.



5 responses

4 11 2009

Christmas wishes and a little Christmas magic to get me in the Christmas spirit! Thanks.

4 11 2009

We can all use a little Christmas in our lives, Thanks.

4 11 2009

I need some christmas magic this year.thanks

4 11 2009
Sherri Buckner

Go Staci!!!! I’m so proud of you!! Jason and I divorced Dec. 21, 2007. This story will hit pretty close to home but I can’t wait to read it!! My Christmas Spirit has been too weak for too long. Looking forward to being revived! Love you!

6 11 2009
Heather Hiestand

Good luck with restoring your computer!

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